Bacot in season 3 of ‘Outer Banks’

By R.L. Bynum

Will we soon see Armando Bacot take the ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill?

The popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” notably had an illogical storyline in episode 4 of season 1 in which protagonist John B Routledge and girlfriend Sarah Cameron took the ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill.

But it appears that Bacot could be along for the ride if that fictitious ferry ride happens again in season three.

The above post from the official UNC men’s basketball Twitter account confirmed that Bacot will appear in season 3. Inside Carolina reported that Bacot will be in a few episodes and that his character’s name is “Mondo.”

“Outer Banks” co-creators Shannon Burke (Class of 1988) and Josh Pate (Class of 1992) are UNC graduates who both majored in English. They are big Carolina fans, which explains why they’d be interested in having Bacot make an appearance in season 3. In one episode, a character wears a UNC cap.

Bacot, the leading scorer and rebounder on last season’s Carolina team that made a run to the NCAA championship game, decided to return for his junior year. That decision was made easier for him because of NIL money and, evidently, he is adding to his earnings with some acting.

That was reinforced by a Wednesday morning Cole Anthony tweet that read, “Damn y’all my boy @iget_buckets35  bout to be a movie star.”

Photo via @UNC_Basketball


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